Community Health Systems Development

Strategy. Capacity. Sustainability.

The Georgia Health Policy Center’s Community Health Systems Development (CHSD) Team provides technical assistance to support the implementation of a broad range of health initiatives, predominately those striving to improve health and access in rural communities throughout the United States. Our technical assistance is centered around helping communities develop a strategic approach to program implementation, building capacity utilizing technical and adaptive approaches, and focusing on long-term sustainability. The CHSD process provides a logical progression of activities to support communities in accomplishing their goals: focusing first on developing a strategic mindset, then building requisite skills and capacities, and integrating sustainability strategies. Our Sustainability Framework© serves as a guide for supporting communities. The CHSD team has provided tailored, technical assistance to more than 800 rural and urban communities throughout Georgia and across the nation since 1995.

Our team of 15 internal and external technical assistance consultants comes from a varied background, including public health, non-profit management, network administration, clinical medicine, marketing and communications, and local, state and national policy development. The team has extensive experience, skills, and knowledge in providing targeted technical assistance and strategic support to rural health systems, conducting program evaluation, evidence-based research, convening and engaging stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, as well as meeting design and facilitation.

The CHSD website is a resource for clients, including recipients of grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration’s Office of Rural Health Policy. The website includes resources, E-Learning courses, and more. Visit to learn more.