Our Services 

The GHPC...

offers a wide-range of evidence-based qualitative and quantitative research, evaluation, and translation services as well as technical assistance to communities and decision makers. We draw on experience from more than 100 projects supported by more than 100 diverse clients. All of our work falls into one or more of the following categories: Research, Policy, Programs and the points in between.
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Research & Evaluation

The findings from our research & evaluation projects create powerful learning opportunities that refine and sustain projects seeking to improve the well-being of people.

Technical Assistance

Our tailored technical assistance is focused on helping communities build local capacity to increase access to care and improve the health of their residents.

Health Impact Assessment

HIA is a process that brings together data, expertise, and stakeholder input to identify potential health effects of proposed policies, programs, or projects.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Using a whole systems approach, the GHPC identifies, convenes, and facilitates a design team of representative stakeholders to design the meetings.

Strategic Planning

The GHPC facilitates strategic planning processes by helping our partners define their visions and missions, and develop measurable strategic objectives for action plans.

Policy Analysis

Policy analysis is conducted by researching issues through literature reviews, expert interviews, designing and administering surveys and focus groups, evaluating data, and translating and disseminating evidence-based information via briefs, reports, and articles.

Grants Management

GHPC staff have experience preparing, disseminating, and reviewing grant proposals, as well as managing, evaluating, and providing technical assistance for grants to local community organizations.

Systems Thinking

Our researchers apply systems thinking to various areas of health and health care in an effort to add to current knowledge and to inform health policy decisions.