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Approach to Meeting Design

The GHPC employs the Whole Scale© meeting design concept* that engages people from organizations and communities to achieve rapid, significant, and lasting change through a whole systems approach. This approach is used when organizational changes or issues arise that require aligning and engaging a group of people. The GHPC identifies, convenes, and facilitates a team of representative stakeholders to design the meetings. This team is a small-scale version of the whole system and, therefore, is reflective of the different stakeholders’ perspectives. The design team collaborates to identify the right issues to be addressed and determines the meeting’s goals, outcomes, and agenda.

Our meeting design process maximizes group interaction and minimizes content that strays from the meeting purpose. It is our experience that the wisdom lies with the meeting participants, and so meetings typically include interactive sessions to engage and utilize the knowledge and experience in the room.

GHPC guides the team through the process, engages appropriate speakers, provides pre-event planning, and prepares and distributes all meeting materials (agendas, handouts, meeting notes, etc.).

The GHPC’s Whole System Process Enables Participants to:

  1. Clarify and connect multiple, current realities
  2. Unite around a common picture of the future
  3. Reach agreement on action plans
  4. Build the processes, structures, and relationships that keep the organization or issue moving forward
  5. Align leadership and other stakeholders so that they can implement changes together
*Dannemiller Tyson Associates.


During the meeting, GHPC staff serve in a neutral role to convene stakeholders, facilitate the sharing of evidence-based information, and assist in complex decision-making processes. The GHPC recognizes the importance of tailoring tools and curricula to meet the needs and preferences of learners who are practical, self-directed, experienced, and goal-oriented. The GHPC employs strategies that are effective in increasing stakeholder engagement and fostering learning. Engagement of all meeting participants is key to the success of a meeting.

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