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About Our Approach

The GHPC employs a qualitative and quantitative approach to its research projects. Whether conducting research of our own, or interpreting the research of others, the GHPC brings together relevant information, best practices, and thought leaders in a way that is integrated, translated, and interpreted. By synthesizing all that is known through previous research, the GHPC is able to tell a more complete story and more fully inform health policy decisions.

Evaluation is a formalized approach to studying the goals, processes, and impacts of projects, policies, and programs. A key component to our evaluation approach is that clients work in partnership with the GHPC and are able to quickly apply findings to their work. Our signature style is based upon insights from a broad range of policy evaluation, community-based research, technical assistance, and capacity-building experience with project-specific expertise. Using this approach and the evaluation framework created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the GHPC has assembled a team of researchers whose experiences form the collaborative design and execution of our evaluations.

The GHPC conducts evaluations to:

  • Assess impact
  • Contribute to existing knowledge
  • Stimulate program and process improvement

Areas of Specialization

  • Program logic models
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Needs assessment
  • Development of indicators and measures
  • Performance monitoring
  • Capacity building

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