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About Our Approach

Our tailored technical assistance is focused on helping communities build local capacity to increase access to care and improve the health status of their residents. A signature service of the GHPC is integrated and targeted technical assistance to agencies and communities to support programmatic and organizational development of rural and community health systems. Our technical assistance is centered around helping communities develop a strategic approach to program implementation, building capacity utilizing technical and adaptive approaches, and focusing on long-term sustainability.

Technical Assistance Services

  • Strategy— Design programs that have impact
  • Capacity— Build competencies
  • Sustainability— Plan for the long-term
  • Evaluation— Understand and document program impacts
  • Board and consortium development— Create the infrastructure to support programs and build commitment among partners and stakeholders
  • Research design— Design effective processes
  • Resources— Best practices, tools, templates, etc.

Technical Assistance Principles

The GHPC’s technical approach to support system change and improve health is grounded in principles derived from our work with communities and has been tested on a national level. We believe that communities benefit most from support that is:

  • Relationship-based;
  • Systematic, but flexible;
  • Systems-oriented;
  • Sustainability-focused; and
  • Technical and adaptive.

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