Systems Thinking

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Our researchers apply systems thinking to various areas of health and health care in an effort to add to current knowledge and to inform health policy decisions. Systems thinking is concerned with connections between components of a system and how they relate to one another. The GHPC utilizes systems thinking tools in many of our projects. It is a way of approaching a problem that utilizes multiple disciplines and critical thinking skills such as:

  • Dynamic thinking:  Looking at a problem over time rather than a single event in time
  • System-as-cause thinking: Drawing the boundaries in such a way as to ensure the elements responsible for the behavior (causes) are included
  • Forest thinking:  Looking at the big picture; getting out of the weeds and looking at how things fit together

The GHPC recognizes that the current challenges of health are adaptive in nature and require new ways of thinking and acting. Systems thinking is an effective approach to designing higher leverage interventions that address our most stubborn health policy problems.

Want more information on our Systems Thinking work? Contact one of our experts, Rachel Ferencik.